2024 3rd International Conference on Power Electronics and Electrical Technology (ICPEET 2024)
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Call For Papers

The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

◕ Power Engineering

◔ Electric power allocation

◔ Smart grid and technologies

◔ Power quality 

◔ Cogeneration and distributed generation

◔ Power system

◔ Power transportation system integration (multi-energy system integration) 

◔ Distributed energy storage power generation

◔ Planning, operation and control of transmission and distribution network

◔ High voltage technology 

◔ Power engineering and power system

◔ Signal processing application in power and energy system

◔ Fuel, embedded power generation and energy storage 

◔ Distributed generation and combined generation system

◔ Wireless power transmission

◕ Electrical Technology

◔ Electric vehicle technology

◔ New motor and its intelligent control technology

◔ Electrical machinery and electrical equipment

◔ Electromagnetic compatibility

◔ Plug-in, permanent magnet and magnetoresistive machines

◔ Advanced and sensorless machine control

◔ Motor drive, control and mechatronics

◔ Nonlinear systems and controls

◔ Intelligent and AI-based control

◔ Instrumentation and vibration control

◔ Embedded systems

◔ Intelligent system sensors

◔ Automation technology

◔ Electromagnetics of electrical materials

◔ Power quality and electromagnetic compatibility

◔ Mechatronics and robotics

◔ Materials for electricians and optoelectronics